ON–LINE AUCTION DATE (Over 850 lots): FRIDAY 23rd MARCH 2018

By order of:
Various Aerospace & Precision Engineering Companies
VIEWING: TUESDAY 20th MARCH 2018 – by appointment only
At: PP Saleroom & other UK Sites

Fadal 904-1 CNC VMC, Fadal 88HS CNC control, 1000x410mm table, Fadal 4th axis, (1998)
BLM NC842 CNC pipe bender, 4000mm long approx., BLM DNC 800 control, 42mm capacity (2000)
Denford Quattro Mill CNC vertical mill, 1150x250mm table, Fanuc Series OM control (1996)
DYNA Mechtronics DM2400 CNC bench type mill with Dyno 2400C control, 230x150mm table
Wadkin CNC router / mill, Heidenhain CNC control, 3x1m table, 1500-12000rpm, 1.8×0.8x3m work area
Jones & Shipman 1096 CNC universal grinder, Series 8200 control, extraction, Marposs E5 gauging
Jones & Shipman 10-700 CNC universal grinder, Series 8200 control, extraction, Marposs E5 gauging
Gildermeister GDM 65/4A CNC twin turret lathe, control, 65mm bore, swarf conveyor, to 4000rpm
Asquith ODI 4’6” radial arm drill, 31-830rp, 42×33” box table
Fobco 7 Eight single spindle pillar drill, 450x380mm RF table, 51-2650rpm
Corona single spindle high speed bench drill, 2700-18000rpm, 180x180mm table
Fobco single spindle bench drill, 220x220mm RF table. Wadkin LM1333 single spindle drill
IBS F72780 double ended space save linisher, 7.5kW motor, 1500rpm (2005) (spares or repair)
Vulcan Engineering F1000135-25 heavy duty fettling grinder (2012)
Deckel FP3 universal milling machine, 25-2500rpm, 800x420mm table, GT DRO II DRO
2x Thiel Duplex 159 universal milling machines, 40-2000rpm, main & compound tables, DRO
Yeong Chin Supermax YCM-2GS mill, 85-1300rpm, 1300x280mm table, powerfeed & Heidenhain DRO (1991)
Archdale vertical milling machine, 1120x250mm bed, 79-2000rpm
OMS Antiference OK330CE double ended table saw, 4m long, 5900W, 3000rpm (2002)
Colchester Student 1800 gap bed lathe, 22-1800rpm, 6.5” CH x 40” b.c. with equipment
Colchester Student 1800 straight bed lathe, 22-1800rpm, 6”CH x 24”b.c with equipment, Newall Sapphire DRO
Herbert No2D capstan lathe, collet chuck. Federal 600mm throat spot welder. BOC Transarc 400 welder, 400A
Hydrafeed ML1B multifeed bar
feed, 1300mm loading tray, 2070mm long (2001)
Sameca MU2.5.6 multifeed bar feed, 2370mm long, 1200mm loading tray
Klingelnberg PNC 33 gear testing machine, 330mm max dia. wheel, 15-990mm b.c., control (spares or repair)
Qty small tooling inc: collets, tool holders, machine vices, CI angle plates, Vee blocks, drills, chuck jaws, letter & number stamps, etc

Funditor FC8 electric furnace, 12kW, Eurotherm controllers, 900x900x1500mm approx ID
1500degC hydrogen sintering furnace. Purex 8000/2000 FC fume extractor
2x ATA Saphir 330E & Buehler Ecomet 3 variable speed grinder / polisher
Vulcatherm infra red oven, 250degC max temp with control, ID 620x130x2000mm
CEM Phoenix microwave furnace, 4.1kv, 1300 max output with furnace door holder
LTE electric convection incubator oven, 475x425x475mm ID
Qty various Crown etc surface
tables. Avery Denison 6403
hardness tester. 2x Vickers hardness testers.
Carel Humisteam Xplus humidifier. Trimos 500 digital height gauges, etc

2x Mecwash Quasave Midi400 parts cleaning systems, Allen Bradley control, 200kg max wash charge weight with Filtermist 4000 filter unit (2007 & 2008)
ABB IRB 6400 M96 6 axis robot with controller, 6.7kva (1998)
ABB IRB 1400 M94 6 axis robot (1994) (no controller or pendant)
Qty various Skyhi Sea King etc mobile hydraulic aircraft jacks
to 3 ton
Crane Care articulated arm swing jib, 125kg SWL, 2m approx span, 2.3m high, pneumatic chain hoist
Atlas Copco GA1107.5 compressor, 47647 run hours, 7.5bar, 110kW (1991)
Atlas Copco FD280 air dryer,
26bar (2005)
Boe-therm micro cool chiller. Rednal Pneumatics 50ltr air receiver (2011)
Donaldson Torit (DCE) UMA 252 G5 baghouse dust extractor
Handte ZR10 high pressure centrifugal fan. Airflow Developments fan unit
Birmingham Fan Services fan unit. Clayton 2000kg electric chain hoist (1999)
Airmaster Tiger 8/35 Turbo compressor, 116PSi max pressure on air receiver
Broomwade CompAir SmartAir compressor controller
Nordson Monocoat spray booth,
built in lights, 1.8×1.6m aperture with Surecoat manual gun control unit
1250x1250mm digital platform scales, Micro 200 control / DRO
Key ST17-250 mobile lift truck,
250kg SWL (1996)
Brimpex-Eccles 1120lbs capacity mobile lift truck. Collin 3 zone extruder, 150degC max temperature with transformer. Garbage Gorger Europack 2501 waste compactor (2003)
Instyle V800 exercise aerobike. Stannah 260 Siena stair lift.
Qty various electrical leads / cables, chain hoists, vehicle seats, pumps, motors, workbenches, electrical / pneumatic spares, tools etc
Morclean Pro pressure washer
with hose & gun. Elec Poly
microwave treatment rig with GU025 generator.
ECS pre heat chamber
with electronic control.
APW 47-0815-305 electronic enclosure air conditioner, etc
Over 500 lots of Electronic / Test Equipment (some packaged & unused)

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22 Mar: Archfact Ltd equipment



By order of: Archfact Ltd due to the retirement of the owners of the business
VIEWING: TUESDAY 20th MARCH 2018 – by appointment only
At: The Works, 10 Pipers Wood Ind Park / Waterberry Dr, Waterlooville, PO7 7XU, England

Machining Centres / Drilling
2x Cincinnati Arrow 500 CNC VMC, CT control, 700x520mm table, 21 tool ATC, PTG 4th axis, s/n 7042-C00-R0-0014 (1996) s/n 7042-C00-R0-0335 (1994)
3x Emco VMC100 CNC drilling / milling machines, EmcoTronic TM02 control, 10 tool turret, 420x125mm table (1995)
Sliding Head Autos
Star SB-16 type 480 CNC single sliding head auto, Fanuc series 18i – TB control, parts catcher, s/n 0382 (2003) with FMB turbo 2-16/3200/A 3m CNC bar feed (2002)
Manurhin KMX413 CNC single sliding head auto, Siemens control (2001) with FMB Minimag 3200 CNC bar feed, 3m capacity (2001)
Emco Turn 345-II CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series 21i-T control, 12 tool turret, collet chuck, parts catcher, s/n R2FV03 (2003) with Hydrafeed Multifeed 3-XON CNC short magazine bar feed (2003)
Emco Turn 342 CNC turning centre, Siemens Sinumerik control, 12 tool turret, collet chuck, 42mm capacity, driven tooling (1997) with Hydrafeed ML1 short magazine CNC bar feed (2000)
Emco Turn 320 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series 0-T CNC control, 8 tool turret, tailstock, 25mm capacity (1996) with Hydrafeed ML1 short magazine CNC bar feed (1996)
Emco 320 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series O-T control, 25mm capacity, 8 tool turret, tailstock (1995)

Perramo MDP120EH auto stroke hone with AR340 controller, 310-1860rpm (2002)
Perramo MDP120E manual stroke hone with AR340 controller (1996)
Hydrafeed Conemaster CM-3 bar chamfering machine s/n 6158
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 18×6” mag chuck, coolant with extraction, s/n 1747/174
Boremaster Tip lap drill grinder
Selecta 7” double ended grinder on base
Nu-Tool CH6 150mm double ended
grinder, 240v
Lapmaster TFL/2 24” dia lapping machine (1996)
Excel RKTM380V turret mill, powerfeed, 1360x250mm table, 70-4200rpm, Anilam Wizard 350+ DRO
Pinnacle turret mill, 1270x250mm table, powerfeed, 70-4200rpm, Newall Digipac 5 DRO
Darex SP2500 ultra precision drill sharpener, 0.25HP (1996)
Clarke CS6-9C linisher / disc sander, 240v (2004)
Powered horizontal bandsaw, 240v, 230mm vice, 750kW
Vertical / horizontal light duty bandsaw, 240v
Myford super 7 model makers lathe on cabinet base, 25-2150rpm, 3 1/2” CH x 19” b.c
Yunnan CY-S-1740G gap bed centre lathe,
8 ½” CH x 40” b.c, 20-2000rpm, Anilam Wizard DRO (1996)
Arborga single spindle pillar drill, 550x250mm compound RF table, 200-3600rpm
Fobco Star single spindle pillar drill, 300x200mm RF table, 475-4260rpm
2x Meddings DriTru single spindle
bench drills, 280x240mm RF table,
Fobco Star single spindle bench drill, 230x230mm RF table, 475-4260rpm
Clarke CDP 16 EBN single spindle bench drill, 250x250mm RF table, 180-2700rpm (1993)
Qty small tooling inc: drills, taps, machine vices, bench vices, rotary tables, tool holders etc etc

Arburg Allrounder 221-M350-75 horizontal injection moulder, 350kW clamping force, 4kW heating, Arburg Multronica control, s/n 1641/1 (1995)
Arburg Allrounder 221-55-250 horizontal injection moulder, 250kW clamping force, 3.46kW heating, Arburg Polytron ICA control, s/n 131779 (1986)
Piovan DX101T desiccant dryer (2000)
Arburg Thermolift 100-2 dryer, 0.85kW blower, 100ltr capacity (1984)
Conair Churchill 3100 tool heater
HB-Therm HB-150 M/3 tool heater, 300degC max temperature
Arburg Thermolift 100 dryer, 0.95kW blower, 100ltr capacity (1985)
Cressex M1 15ton mechanical press, 16×12” bed, mechanical guards, inclinable, adjustable stroke
Denbigh No6 flypress, 6” throat. EMG table type manual lever press
Semco bench mounted manual press, 260x150mm bed

Avery 6402 bench type hardness tester
Weigh-Tronix PC-802-50 digital scales, 50kg capacity
Cambridge Instruments stereo microscope, 0.8 – 4.0x zoom
2x Desoutter twin table type spring balances, 1.4 – 2.4kg capacity
Bachi 115 DEC 900 SCR coil winder,
variable speed, Bachi model 900 8
channel counter
FTI Omega MAO ultrasonic welder, G2010 control, 200mm throat, 380x300mm table (1998)
Sanyo CFC free MIR-153 incubator, 126ltr capacity, 158W, 580x250mm shelf size
Magus Power LP series single phase frequency counter
Qty inspection equipment inc: digital height gauges, digital vernier calipers, microprocessor force console, surface tester, CI surface plates, combination bench centres, Mercer Clearline gauges etc etc

Kerry Ultrasonics Microsolve M350-1 ultrasonic cleaner with loading / unloading station, E200 controller, 10kg SWL, 300x200x400mm max basket (2003)
Vixen Jet Wash top loading parts washer, 830mm dia basket, 120degC max temperature
Ellermatic bead blast cabinet
Walter Trowel Omega CD 110 parts rumbler with lid, 800mm dia (1995)
Walter Trowel mini parts tumbler, 400mm dia
Tri Cool HLA010 chiller unit, 6.8kW cooling capacity, 26bar (2006)
HPC Plusair 5X6 screw compressor on 170ltr air receiver, 4kW, 7.5bar max pressure, 31516hrs (1999)
HPC Plusair SSM6 screw compressor on 100ltr air receiver, 4kW, 7.5bar max pressure, 28510hrs (1991)
HPC Plusair TA11 compressor air dryer, 16bar working pressure, s/n 113766 (1998)
Large Qty light duty boltless storage racking, multishelf, 900x900mm & 900x500mm bay size
Qty various size work benches & work tables
900x600x450mm flammable liquid 2 door storage cupboard
Clarke CW1D parts washer (2015)
Clarke Strong-Arm PT550 manual pallet truck (2002)
BT BTVB 08-2 manual platform lift truck, 264lb capacity
Qty office furniture inc: ‘L’ shaped desks, filing cabinets, tables, upholstered chairs,
2 door storage cupboards & display
cabinets etc

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2 off – MAZAK QuickTurn Smart 350, Mazatrol Smart Control (2012).
MAZAK Integrex 300-IIIS Multi-Axis CNC Turning Centre, Mazatrol 640MT
Control (2006). MAZAK Integrex 200-SY Multi-Axis CNC Turning Centre,
Mazatrol 640MT Control. (2001). MAZAK QuickTurn 250, 640T Nexus
Control (2006). MAZAK QuickTurn 250, Mazatrol T Plus Control (1998).
MAZAK QuickTurn 40, Mazatrol T Plus Control (1998). 2 off – MAZAK
QuickTurn 28N, Mazatrol T32-2 Controls (1994 & 1991). 2 off – MAZAK
QuickTurn 15, Mazatrol Cam T2 Controls (1989 & 1988). Mazak QuickTurn
10B, Mazatrol T Plus Control (1996). MAZAK QuickTurn 8N, Mazatrol
T32-2 Control (1990). XYZ XL1100 x 2,000mm, Siemens Control (2009)

2 off – MAZAK VTC 30C Vertical Machining Centre, Mazatrol M Plus
Control (1998 & 1999). MAZAK 32/60N Twin-Pallet Vertical Machining
Centre, Mazatrol M32 Control (1996). MAZAK VTC16B Vertical Machining
Centre, Mazatrol M32B (1995). MAZAK 32/60N Twin-Pallet Vertical
Machining Centre, Mazatrol M32 Control (1996). MAZAK 32/60N
Single-Pallet Vertical Machining Centre, Mazatrol M32 Control (1996).
2 off – MAZAK VQC 15/40 Vertical Machining Centres, Mazatrol M32
Control (1989)

BINNS & BERRY TB Gap Bed Lathe x 144in Between Centres.
HERBERT No.7 Preoptive. HUVEMA HU560 x 2,000mm Lathe.
PARKSON No.3N Horizontal Mill c/w Vertical Att. GATE PBM Turret Mill.
KEARNEY & TRECKER 203 C12 Horizontal Mill. GIEWONT No.2 Vertical
Mill. ASQUITH-ARCHDALE 30in Radial Arm Drill. RUSCH 275A Auto
Horizontal Bandsaw. RUSCH 250mm Horizontal Bandsaw. MEC BROWN
Turret Mill c/w Slotting Att. HERBERT 2D Capstan Lathe. WARD 2DB
Capstan Lathe. HARRISON 12in Gap Bed Lathe. Several HERBERT &
POLLARD 3- & 4-Spindle Pedestal Drills. ALZMETALL AX3/SV
Heavy Duty Pedestal Drill

Several Granite & Cast Iron Inspection Tables. TESA Micro Hite 350 & 600
Height Gauges. BATY R14 Shadowgraph. Hardness Tester. Micrometers.
Verniers. Plug Gauges. Snap Gauges. Benches. Magnetic Chucks.
Shelving & Racking

SWIFT CUT Plasma Cutter 5ft x 12ft Table. Tipping Skips. Compressors.
Air Receivers. Linishers. Grinders. Tooling. CLARKE Mobile Engine
Hoist. Hydraulic Press. Tipping Skips. Scrap Metal.
Forklift Trucks: KOMATSU FB15-5 Electric with Charger. TOYOTA 25 Gas.
Motor Vehicles: MAZDA B2500 Pickup Truck. NISSAN Cabstar 34.10
Pickup Truck.
Office Equipment: Large Quantity of Desks, Cupboards, Safe,
Filing Cabinets, Tables plus many more items

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19th Apr: Various Machines from Various UK Sites

1st Machinery Auctions are offering various Machines from Various UK Sites. Call us now to add your machinery to this auction.
Please see each lot for details

Online Auction Date: Thursday 19th April 2018 – 3pm GMT.

Used HAAS VF-0 Vertical Machining Centre (1997)
Hitachi Seiki Hitec Turn 23R III 2 axis CNC Lathe (1999)
Mori Seiki SL35M
Used Citizen B12 Sliding head Lathe and Barfeed (1999)
Cincinnati Dart 500 (1998)
(2) Hurco Hawk 5M CNC Knee Mill

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Five-axis machining centre halves cycle time

Hailsham-based subcontractor, Dicker Precision, has decided to move its prismatic machining capability forward with the purchase of its first five-axis, vertical machining centre (VMC). The German-built Spinner U620 Compact was supplied as a turnkey package with tooling, the initial part program and training by UK and Ireland agent, Whitehouse Machine Tools.

Deputy systems manager Brandon Love, son of the subcontractor’s second-generation managing director, Mark, explained the reason for buying the machine in January 2018, and why the firm opted for a model capable of interpolating four of the five CNC axes simultaneously, rather than all of them: “The investment was triggered about a year ago by one of our existing customers asking for nine variants of a pump housing to be machined from solid 316 stainless steel. Some features have tight tolerances, such as 30 µm on hole diameter and 20 µm on position.
“We started off machining them on a three-axis VMC using indexable-insert boring bars, high-speed steel rippers and various other tooling, including taps,” he continues. “It took four hours to complete each housing in five operations. Quite frankly, we were finding it difficult to make any profit on the contract.
“However, unlike the other stainless steel pump housings we manufacture for this customer, which are produced from castings that need to rest before operations to relieve internal stresses, the latest components are produced from billet, so we realised we could machine them in two operations.”
To make this a reality and improve the economy of production, either a five-axis VMC or a four-axis horizontal machining centre was needed, and both were considered. The vertical-spindle route was chosen due to the greater versatility that it offered for future contracts, as well as the smaller footprint for a given working volume. In this respect, the Spinner machine has a good ratio.
Luckily, the quantity of the new pump housings climbed during last year to between 20 and 40 per month, which justified the purchase of the new machine. Dicker Precision already had experience of working with Whitehouse Machine Tools, which had delivered an Italian-built Biglia twin-spindle CNC bar automatic lathe with two Y-axis turrets to streamline the production of a family of aluminium switch cover assemblies.
“Whitehouse provides a turnkey solution; they do everything for you, whereas some suppliers just deliver a machine and you’re lucky if they tell you how to turn it on and off,” says Love. “We looked at various options, but the positive experience with the Biglia lathe package prompted us to return to the same source for the five-axis machining centre.

“Whitehouse did a time study on the first part, wrote the program and advised that the job could be done twice as fast with solid carbide end mills rather than indexable-insert tooling – in two hours rather than four, including handling,” he adds.
“Feeds and speeds were optimised; they recommended that threads be milled rather than tapped to avoid the risk of tap breakage, machine downtime and scrapped components, and offered to set up the job and train us, which was important as it was our first five-axis machine.”
The U620 Compact was producing the pump housings within two days of arriving on the shop floor. Based on the machine’s hourly rate, halving the cycle time results in £200 being saved on the production of each component. Admittedly, £60 was spent on carbide inserts for each part, whereas the tooling cost is double using solid carbide, but nevertheless the reduction in manufacturing cost is considerable and will help to amortise the cost of the machine quickly.
It should be pointed out that the savings described are gained only from Op 1, on the top of the housing; a three-axis VMC being retained for the simpler, 15-minute Op 2 on the reverse.
Unsurprisingly, owing to the reduction in the number of operations, lead-time from start of production to delivery of a batch is down from one and a half weeks to three days, with two days the aim. Another big advantage is the repeatability of the process, which is largely down to the rigidity of the Spinner machine and the absence of tolerance build-up.
Greater precision has elicited a comment from the customer that the current components are of significantly better quality. All housings delivered were within tolerance before, but some might have been near the top or bottom limit, causing niggles during pump assembly. Now, dimensions are all close to the centre of the tolerance bands, making life easier for the customer.
As to the choice of a 4+1-axis version of the U620 Compact, where one of the rotational axes is positional, rather than capable of being interpolated with the other four, Love explains: “One factor was that the 4+1-axis machine costs around 15% less than the full five-axis version. In any case, we are currently using ours in 3+2-axis mode to manufacture the pump housings.
“That will soon change, however, as we are planning to introduce a two-minute chamfering routine into the Op 1 cycle, which will require simultaneous movement of four axes,” he continues. “It will eliminate hand deburring after machining, saving up to 10 minutes per part and the consequent labour cost, as well as avoiding the variability of manual processing. We also intend to introduce in-cycle chamfering during Op 2 on the three-axis machine.”

The latest pump housing contract occupies the Spinner for half of its time over a single day shift, so there is spare capacity. The next job is already lined up for the machine – an aluminium pneumatic block for the automotive industry that requires five-sided machining. Similar jobs have been done in the past by Dicker Precision but it has been difficult to hit the price asked. That will be no problem using the five-axis machine, according to Love.
He concludes: “More and more jobs these days have tighter tolerances and require a higher standard of surface finish. Machines like the Spinner help us to achieve those specifications. Moreover, the reduction in handling resulting from automatic part repositioning on the five-axis machine means that an operator can look after a three-axis machine as well, reducing costs further.”
For further information www.wmtcnc.com

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