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Small boring tools offer big performance Featured

Horn’s 105 Supermini system is now available in high-performance versions for boring, internal grooving, chamfering, threading, broaching, facing and parting-off exotic alloys and steels, including those that are structurally inhomogeneous. User benefits include improved productivity and significantly increased tool life, says the company.

Featuring a new coating, substrate and micro-geometry, the carbide inserts are designed to machine bores in demanding, highly alloyed materials from 0.2 to 6.8 mm diameter. Standard lengths are from 5xD at the smaller end of the range to a maximum of 35 mm. 

Horn says that a performance increase of 30% was achieved during tool development solely by modifying the substrate and keeping the coating and insert micro-geometry the same. The company then found that a sharper cutting edge resulted in higher metal removal rates and less cutting pressure. Although mechanical stress on the edge was elevated, the tougher substrate was able to cope. 

A new coating system was then devised, tailored to the combination of tough substrate and more durable cutting edge. According to Horn, this allows a denser layer of TiAlN with a more homogeneous structure to be deposited with good adhesion and improved smoothness. The enhanced anti-friction properties mean that less heat is transferred to the tool, so the cutting edge is exposed to lower thermal stress. 

High-performance 105 Supermini tool life comparisons with existing substrates and coatings were carried out by Horn during pre-launch trials. Results showed that using the new EG35 grade on cobalt-chrome, a popular alloy used in the medical sector, tool life increased by as much as 60%, while in the case of carbon steel, it more than doubled.

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