About MTI

About MTI

MTI MagazineManufacturing in the modern era is a global activity. In recent years, the traditional barriers to cross-border trade have evaporated as the economics of supply and demand now dictate there is competitive gain beyond the restrictions of localised or national business transactions.

The ability to break down the barriers to international trade by producing a magazine and website based on a simple, concise and visual format was the foundation stone of Machinery Trade International and provided the secret to its immediate and ongoing success. Today, a meticulously maintained global circulation of active machine tool buyers is one of the ways that MTI ensures a high success rate for its expanding list of advertisers.

In support of this activity, and to add even greater value for customers, Machinery Trade International has also nurtured close relationships with leading exhibition organisers around the world. Providing services such as stand bookings, pavilion organisation and face-to-face magazine distribution in the exhibition halls, no other publication can offer the same performance levels when it comes to placing customer machines in front of active buyers. Each exhibition is carefully and strategically selected to offer MTI and its customers, maximum exposure in high growth markets.


In the beginning...

Conceived in the summer of 2003 by an experienced team of publishing industry professionals, Machinery Trade International was established with the aim of providing a genuine alternative to 'traditional' magazines promoting used machine tool sales. Classified listings in small print no longer befitted an industry that had gone global.

In September 2003, the first issue of MTI magazine landed on the desks of machine tool buyers at manufacturing companies around the globe. Machinery Trade Iinternational's effective use of full colour machine photo panels, offered at low cost, along with the first real weekly international circulation, immediately revolutionised the way machine tools were bought and sold (see testimonials).

The growing success of the magazine was further accelerated in May 2004 with the launch of MTI's complementary website. Since then the winning combination of website, magazine, social media outlets and worldwide exhibition presence means that Machinery Trade International has become the globally recognised media for machine tool sales, whatever the language, making it the modern era's number one marketplace for used and new machine tools and manufacturing equipment.

MTI now has two website www.mtimagazine.com containing the current issue and archived copies of our digital magazine, as well as the latest industry news, upcoming auctions and exhibitions from around the globe, and www.machinespotter.com our online marketplace for new and used machine tools and accessories.



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