Ypsotec celebrates 100 years with Tornos

On its 100th anniversary, Grenchen, Switzerland-based Ypsotec, which also has a facility in Tábor, Czech Republic, decided to take its next step towards the future and enter the field of multi-spindle turning technology, choosing a Tornos MultiSwiss 6×16.

An urgent order for 1,300,000 pieces by one of Ypsotec’s customers prompted the company to rethink its operation. First, Ypsotec managers had planned to outsource production to China for financial reasons, but understood they had to invest in new technologies to remain competitive. The company thus had the impetus to break new ground and the MultiSwiss entered the stage.
According to COO Piero Tschanz, the targets set were difficult to achieve with the company’s existing single spindle lathes: “We had to increase our productivity. At the same time, we wanted to avoid structural measures such as a plant extension. Multi-spindle technology quickly came to the fore. After initial analysis, the Tornos MultiSwiss soon turned out to be a solution that aroused our interest.”
As far as ergonomics are concerned, the machine boasts various attributes, including integrated peripherals and good access to important areas. To facilitate work set-ups, Ypsotec is banking on Göltenbodt quick-change toolholders.
“To date, the machine has proved to be a reliable partner and we are fully satisfied with the result,” says Tschanz. “It was very easy for our employees to get accustomed with the new technology and the significant advantages of the machine features in terms of floor space, as well as higher productivity. The hydrostatic bearings on the machine offer distinct benefits with regards to tool life and surface finish.”
For further information www.tornos.com

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