Zimmermann opts for Mapal

For demonstrations and machine acceptance tests, machine tool manufacturer Zimmermann says it equips the company’s latest horizontal machining centre with milling cutters from Mapal.

Zimmermann developed its first horizontal machining centre specially for the machining of structural parts used by the aerospace industry. Aluminium structural parts, such as wing parts and frame ribs, are generally milled from solid material – with up to 95% material removal. Fault-free machining with respect to dimensional accuracy and surface finish is crucial. Moreover, the component structure becomes more and more delicate with increasing material removal, representing an additional challenge.
In order to achieve maximum efficiency, Zimmermann employs its own patented M3ABC three-axis milling head in the machining centre. Particularly in the pocket corners of a workpiece, the milling head has to perform only very small swivel movements – allowing the feed rate to be kept more or less constant and hence the machining time to be significantly shortened.
“The perfect combination – the machine, the three-axis milling head and tools from Mapal – give the user a real performance boost,” says Steffen Nüssle, sales director export and head of applications engineering at Zimmermann. “With the SPM-Rough ISO shoulder milling cutter, we achieved the best results that we have ever witnessed using a tool featuring indexable inserts.”
The ISO tools with polished indexable inserts are the latest addition to the Mapal SPM product range. SPM-Rough with wave profile also surpassed the expectations for material removal with excellent smooth running.
“Complete machining of a 190 x 190 x 40 mm pocket is now effectively possible in less than a minute,” explains Nüssle.
For further information www.mapal.com

Drills boost productivity and tool life

The new range of Feedmax-P solid-carbide drills from Seco Tools is said to provide component manufacturers with up to 35% more productivity and improved tool life when machining steel and cast iron.

Featuring new geometry and a TiAIN coating, the range delivers improved chip management and control, says Seco. The end result being that manufacturers can drill holes faster (productivity) and use fewer drills (economy). Feedmax-P drills have strong, straight cutting edges with strategically located coolant holes. Moreover, narrow land margins help to minimise the effect of heat generation, while an improved flute design protects the drill point and delivers improved chip evacuation.
With a new TiAIN coating, which is said to deliver improved tool life when machining high heat-generating applications, combined with strong point geometry, cutting speeds of up to 190 m/min can be achieved when machining SMG P5 structural steel without causing excessive tool wear.
Feedmax-P drills are available in diameters ranging from 2 to 20 mm, and in length-to-diameter ratios of 3xD, 5xD and 7xD. Internal coolant supply is available as standard, while customised options, such as intermediate sizes, and chamfer and step-drill versions, can be supplied on request.
For further information www.secotools.com

ITC stands out at MACH

In the past two years Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has expanded its facility, invested heavily in new technology and significantly increased its product offering with the addition of the full-line of Widia indexable insert tools and the Big Kaiser brand of tooling and tool-holding technology.

At MACH 2018, it was the internal investment programme and ITC product extensions that were prominently promoted by the company.
ITC drew the attention of show visitors to the new range of micro-tools that are manufactured on the company’s Rollomatic GrindSmart Nano 6. As the first machine of its type installed in the UK, the addition gives ITC the opportunity to manufacture cutting tools from 0.2 to 2.0 mm, with concentricity tolerances below 0.001 mm. The six-axis grinding centre with an integrated robot-loading facility has been working around-the-clock since it was installed.
The result of this new technology has seen ITC extend the diameter range of its most popular product lines. With many of the solid-carbide end mill lines previously available in diameters from 3 to 25 mm, the new GrindSmart Nano 6 has enabled ITC to extend current product lines with diameters starting from 1 mm.
ITC also offers a variety of diameter increments to suit the needs of the end user. The enhanced product ranges with micro dimensions incorporate two-, three- and four-flute solid-carbide end mills with a choice of diamond-, AlTiN- and Cupro-coated tools to support the machining of everything from aluminium through to steel, hardened steel, graphite, aluminium alloys and more.
For further information www.itc-ltd.co.uk

Pure Logiq from Iscar

Iscar introduced what is the company’s largest ever range of advanced cutting tools – the Logiq series – at the MACH 2108 exhibition in Birmingham, UK, last week.

The application of Logiq has allowed the development and launch of multiple new cutting-tool families, as well as existing tooling ranges to be further upgraded. New Logiq introductions, exhibited at MACH, included new cutting geometries and robust locking mechanisms that are said to guarantee stable, vibration-free machining with repeatability. The innovations have been designed to assist users in maximising equipment utilisation and optimising performance.
Iscar’s Logiq indexable inserts are equipped with the latest chip formers and geometries that enable soft cuts to be achieved at high feed rates, says the company. Furthermore, Logiq solid-carbide tools have been developed with inventive designs that feature substantially increased anti-vibration characteristics, while the latest cemented carbide grades are said to reflect the company’s forward-looking philosophy and know-how in powder metallurgy and coating technologies. The Logiq tool-holding line includes heat-shrink and vibration-dampening devices that have been designed to improve performance in areas were tool rigidity is a critical parameter.
Logiq turning applications offer a range of new Iscar solutions that enable a decrease in machining loads and the production of thinner and wider chips. Iscar’s Logiq developments also help to resolve vibration issues and improve coolant flow capabilities. Last but not least, drilling tool concepts delivered by Logiq enable significant productivity gains, high-accuracy capabilities and repeatability, claims Iscar.
For further information www.iscar.co.uk

TaeguTec products in the spotlight

At last week’s MACH exhibition in Birmingham, UK, TaeguTec demonstrated the benefits of its ChaseMold range. Continually developing new geometries and insert grades, two recent additions have been the RTMX and RTHX five-edged insert line. Developed for high-speed machining of stainless steel and difficult-to-cut materials, the two grades are available in 10 and 12 mm sizes, and incorporate a high positive rake angle for low cutting resistance.

The ChaseMold Series is available in end mills up to 32 mm diameter, modular-type tool bodies of 25-40 mm diameter and face-mill designations of 40-80 mm diameter. All tool-body types incorporate a through-coolant facility for easy chip evacuation.
At MACH, the ChaseMold line was complemented by the ChaseFeed series. One of the more recent additions to the ChaseFeed family at the show was the small, high-positive SBMT09 insert line. The ChaseFeed family of SBMT09 inserts and relevant tool holders has been introduced to permit the same high-feed performance characteristics to smaller depth-of-cut applications.
From its drilling portfolio, TaeguTec was keen to showcase the DrillRush line (pictured). As TaeguTec’s marquee indexable-head drilling line, DrillRush is available in diameters from 6 to 25.9 mm, with most variants available in 0.1mm increments. Continually being developed and extended, one of the more recent lines is the 12xD drills. Available in diameters from 12 to 22.9 mm, the twist drill can be supplied in 1.5, 3, 5 and 8xD variants. Incorporating polished flutes, through-coolant and a wide chip gullet with an optimised geometry, DrillRush rapidly evacuates swarf from the drill point, says TaeguTec.
For further information www.taegutec.com