Haas aids micron-level machining

March-based Microns Precision Engineering provides a subcontract engineering solution to customers across the UK and Europe.

Founders James Campbell and Garry Mills met while working as machinists at another firm, but in 2008, with a recession looming, they began to visualise starting a company of their own. “We wanted more control,” states Campbell. “We didn’t start with much, but because of the economic downturn things were cheaper. We bought a second-hand Haas mill and started to build up a customer base.”
Microns Precision soon outgrew its original premises, and after expanding into two larger units, began looking to see how it could fill its newly acquired space.
Today, nearly a decade later, Microns has installed 10 Haas machines, the latest of which is a VF-2SS Super Speed mill. With customers in industries ranging from agricultural to motorsport, scientific to gas and oil, the VF-2SS needs to be adaptive. “If something can be machined; we have a customer who wants one,” explains Campbell. “Right now we’re making DTS nano-positioning equipment which is mounted to lasers and microscopes, so the parts have to be dead flat. The accuracy on the VF-2SS is incredible, and it’s undoubtedly the fastest machine we have; the tool changer is so speedy that our jobs are noticeably quicker, which makes the whole process more efficient.
“This is our second Haas with four-axis capability and we’ve found that gives us a flexibility we hadn’t previously seen,” he continues. “As the controls are the same on all of the machines, we can switch from one to another in no time.”
For further information www.haas.co.uk

Smart manufacturing

Renishaw showcased a range of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing industries.

For instance, a machining cell was on display to demonstrate how high levels of automation and connectivity can be incorporated into CNC machining operations. The cell replicated the closed-loop process control applications that Renishaw uses to machine parts at its own production facilities in the UK, such as the 460,000 sq ft site in Miskin, Wales, where the integrated application of the company’s technologies enables productive, automated manufacturing with reduced labour and skill requirements, despite the low-volume, high-variety production environment.
For further information www.renishaw.com

High surface finishes on milled parts

The latest Mikron CrazyMill Cool tool available from Floyd Automatic Tooling made its exhibition debut at MACH.

Developed for milling small dimensions, the CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4 four-tooth finish-milling cutter with shank-integrated cooling is available in the diameter range of 1 to 8 mm for milling depths of up to 5xD. The tool is suitable for machining materials up to a hardness of 54 HRc, and its development has been focused on stainless steels, titanium, heat-resistant alloys and nickel and cobalt-chrome alloys. A flute angle of 30° is deployed on the shorter tools with 2xD cutting length, whereas longer versions have a progressive flute angle
from 30 to 40°.
For further information www.floydautomatic.co.uk

Industry 4.0-enabled barfeed

Among the latest announcements from 1st MTA at MACH was the availability of an Industry 4.0 connection for any new Iemca barfeed, allowing constant remote analysis of its condition and operation. Data is continuously transmitted via an internet link to a PC, tablet or smartphone.

An Industry 4.0-compliant Boss bar magazine with bundle loader was demonstrated at the show.
Other recent innovations include a 7” LCD touch screen as an alternative to the standard hand held control on most Iemca products; new software on the KID 80+ short magazine that allows synchronous component transfer between the main and sub-spindles at full speed to reduce cycle times; a new Elite barfeed that allows full-length, thin bars down to 0.8 mm diameter to be handled; the Master 80 HD UP, on which bars are loaded at an ergonomic height; and the rail-mounted Caddy rack and bundle system extensions to Boss barfeeds.
For further information www.1mta.com

Multiple orders received by Tornos

MACH 2018 got off to a flier for Tornos with two verbal orders for the Swiss GT26 from day one being signed and confirmed on day two.

This was rapidly followed by an order for a CT20 with a number of additional enquiries turning into firm orders in the two weeks after the show. UK account manager David Dunn says: “Winning orders and picking up leads at MACH really demonstrates why the show is a ‘must-attend’ event. The lead generation from the 2018 show was extremely diverse with interest from a complete spectrum of sectors and locations. With one of the world’s most comprehensive turning ranges, this diversity highlights the flexibility and range of Tornos solutions.”
For further information www.tornos.com