Klingelnberg shows latest innovations

This year’s Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), which was held in Tokyo last month, served as the venue for Klingelnberg to introduce its latest innovations to Asia. The company presented the Höfler Speed Viper 300 cylindrical gear-grinding machine with Koenig Automation, which is designed for high-production grinding in large-scale series.

Höfler Speed Viper 300 cylindrical gear-grinding machines with closed-loop technology are designed for high productivity, offering: short set-up times, minimum cycle times and digital process control.
The Speed Viper platform is designed for the Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment. In short, it is possible to connect cylindrical gear machines directly to measuring devices, a technology that is already being used successfully in bevel gear manufacturing.
By transferring the closed-loop concept established by Klingelnberg to the world of cylindrical gears, the company has taken another systematic step toward digitalisation in gear manufacturing. Due to a wide variety of associated applications and software, Klingelnberg is implementing central production control using its cyber-physical production system, which will standardise rating results on different machines, and even in different plants.
Depending on the model, Speed Viper is designed for maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180 and 300 mm. These sizes match the standard component sizes of the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors and their suppliers, for which the Speed Viper is mainly intended. They also meet the productivity requirements of this industry. However, the series is also suitable for cylindrical gears in industrial transmissions, and for robotic applications.
For further information www.klingelnberg.com

Lapping the field on productivity

Sunnen’s SVL-2115 bore finisher is a multi-stage automated lapping machine that laps and air-gauges bores in a single set up.

The machine is aimed at aerospace part manufacturers seeking a cost-saving solution for bores with large length-to-diameter ratios and tight tolerance requirements. Such parts include hydraulic valves, sleeves, fuel system components and other parts that are prone to distortion when honed.
Bringing increased productivity and part consistency to what is traditionally a manual process, the SVL-2115 is based on Sunnen’s existing SV-2115 honing system. The patented system control is designed for unattended operation and automatically laps and air-gauges bores throughout the cycle. Gauge readings are fed back to the control and the cycle is repeated until the parts are within specification.
Says Phil Hanna, Sunnen’s product manager: “For very expensive parts, an automatic lapping process reduces the possibility of scrap components due to human error. Since lapping is usually the last process during the machining of a workpiece, if the lapping is not correct, all the work to get the part produced up to that point is wasted.”
Patented Sunnen lapping tools are available for workpiece diameters from 6.3 to 45 mm, and lengths up to 12 times the bore diameter (not to exceed 200 mm). Additional diameter ranges are in development. The spindle speed range is 100-2000 rpm during lapping, but the machine is capable of slow speeds for non-powered steps, such as lapping paste application or slow-rotation bore entry. Stroking speed is 0-350 SPM, with stroke length optimised to achieve a high degree of cylindricity.
For further information www.sunnen.com

Tool grinding shop cuts production costs by 50%

Swiss tool maker Fraisa has achieved efficiency gains through automation to reduce production costs by 50%.

The collaboration with Anca required a customised solution to run unattended for 50 hours and grind multiple tap types. Anca says that its TapXcell can increase productive grinding hours from an average of 105 to 150 hours per machine, per week.
Fraisa is a family-owned business that offers its customers a complete range of solid round tools with end mills, drills and taps.
Amelinda Ilardi, engineering project manager at Anca, facilitated the collaboration with Fraisa: “To enable the machine to run unmanned we needed an in-process measurement capability to ensure grinding stability, so we designed a new application where the thread pitch diameter is measured by a Renishaw MP250 touch probe. Measuring to ±0.002 mm accuracy, this feature is crucial as it ensures every batch of taps are of consistently high quality.
“Not only can the machine run unmanned for 50 hours, it is fully connected, being linked to Fraisa’s factory ERP system for further efficiency and production data gains,” continues Ilardi. “The machine can be remotely monitored using our RedaX product and automatically sends notifications to keep Fraisa’s remote staff aware of the machine’s progress, and any issues or faults that need to be addressed. In addition, RedaX can be used to track the productivity and up-time of multiple Anca machines.”
TapXcell is a complete production package for tap manufacturers. The grinder itself includes a 37 kW grinding spindle that enables the grinding even of taps above M32, as well us dual wheel dressers and between-centre work holding. Grinding capability is complemented by the TXcell’s robot loader that manages automatically changing of up to 24-wheel packs and tools.
For further information www.anca.com

Studer S41 ticks Magellan’s boxes

The Bournemouth facility of Magellan Aerospace manufactures items such as pintle pins, undercarriage pins and split chrome halves, all of which need high-precision grinding to achieve the required standards of accuracy and surface finish.

Here, the company has recently installed a Studer S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine from Advanced Grinding Supplies.
“Having been enthusiastic users of Studer S30 and S21 grinders, purchased from Advanced Grinding Supplies Ltd, not only have we been delighted with the performance of these machines, we have also been impressed by the support and advice received from the supplier,” says Keith Summers, engineering manager, special projects European operations.
“I was able to visit the Studer factory in Switzerland and witness in-depth grinding trials that confirmed the performance of the S41 on our parts, and its ability to deliver improvements in cycle times. As a result of the S41’s suitability, and given the guarantee of continued support from Advanced Grinding Supplies, we were happy to place an order.
“The help of Advanced Grinding Supplies was invaluable when we were specifying the machine and its accessories and consumables, such as dressing tools, grinding wheels and coolant,” continues Summers. “We believe that these important add-ons will help us to realise the full productive potential of our new grinder.
“The speed and flexibility of our Studer S41 is already helping in our ongoing quest for productivity improvements. As well as increasing our current component grinding capacity, the S41’s between centres and centre height capacities, in addition to its large weight bearing capability, will ensure that it is able to undertake the precision grinding of all future components.”
For further information www.adgrind.co.uk

Master launches ceramic discs for angle grinders

Master Abrasives has introduced a range of ceramic abrasive discs for angle grinders. Unlike conventional discs, the grain in Master Ultra Ceramic discs fractures to form new points that are sharp and precise.

This functionality maintains a cooler cutting action and long product life, making the discs suitable for aggressive grinding and blending applications. The discs also require less pressure, resulting in reduced operator fatigue.
Initially available from stock in 36 and 60 grit for 50 and 75 mm diameter discs, additional options for the Ultra Ceramic range are set to follow. The discs from stock have the MRD threaded screw-type mounting system, which makes them suitable for high-volume, high-production operations. Ultra Ceramic discs are packaged in the trademark Master branded blue boxes, and will also be available from distributors of the Master brand.
Andy Wright, national sales manager, says: “We’ve already experienced exceptional results in various customer applications when using ZIPP high-power angle grinders with Master Ultra Ceramic discs, and are now finding new opportunities to improve productivity in aerospace, fabrication and foundry markets.”
The ZDG-302 air angle die grinder by ZIPP, which is suitable for many high-speed grinding and finishing applications, is compatible with Master quick-change holders and discs. The grinder can be used on finishing dies, metal moulds and cast-iron workpieces.
For further information www.master-abrasives.co.uk