Double mitre cutting bandsaw unveiled

German sawing machine manufacturer, Kasto, is supplementing its bandsaw programme with the addition of a twin-column machine for cutting stock to length and mitring between -45° and +60° to a high degree of precision. The KASTOmiwin saw is said to be suitable for use by steel stockholders due to its power and rigidity.

Available in semi-automatic and automatic versions, U 4.6 and A 4.6 respectively, the latter model has a rack-and-pinion drive to feed material by up to 3000 mm in a single stroke. Blade down-feed is actuatedelectrically via a ballscrew drive.

The clamping range of the new bandsaw is up to 460 mm, depending on material profile, whilethe smallest size that can be cut is 10 x 10 mm. For single straight cuts, the KASTOmiwin semi-automatic machine leaves a rest piece of 30 mm, increasing to 200 mm on the automatic model. The user can adjust the band speed steplessly between 12 and 150 m/min.

According to Kasto, the installation length required by the KASTOmiwin is 3,950 mm, or 5,450 mm for the version with material infeed, whilepositioning the saw head at an angle reduces the width to 2980 mm, making it suitable for transportation in a container.

The KASTOmiwin can of course be served by a robot if required. In fact Kasto UK managing director Ernst Wagner, says there is a marked trend towards automated sawing.

“Nearly half of carbide circular sawing machines sold in Germany have some degree of automation, for example the inclusion of robotic chamfering, centring or sorting of cut pieces without operator intervention,” he says. “What’s more, there are similarly many examples of automation applied to bandsawing installations, not only in Germany but also across Europe and the USA. Here again, around half of installations are automated to some extent.”
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Compcut 200 helps to increase productivity

Sharp and Tappin says it is proud to add Renault Sport Racing to its expanding list of Formula One and blue-chip engineering clients. Earlier in the year, Sharp and Tappin installed and commissioned one of its Compcut 200 composite plate saws at Renault’s test facility in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Recent feedback received from the team at Renault reinforces Sharp and Tappin’s belief that its Compcut 200 is the leading technology for the preparation of composite samples in test lab environments.

Maria Brooks, Renault Sport Racing’s senior materials laboratory technician, says:“Sharp & Tappin installed and commissioned the Compcut 200 in January and we are delighted with the plate saw.Renault Sport Racing is a competitive Formula One team, so all testing work, including preparation, needs to be of the highest quality and standard, which is what we get with the Compcut 200.

“The productivity of the materials testing laboratory has increased significantly since January as the Compcut 200 allows us to setup and run multiple panels and specimen cuts automatically,” she continues.“Full automation of the machine positions the material after each cut, removing the need to stop/start the saw to remove a cut specimen and realign and clamp.

“The Compcut 200 gives us high-quality test specimens with an excellent edge finish within the tight tolerances expected cut after cut. The level of service provided over the course of the 6 months from Sharp and Tappin has been excellent. In addition, the Compcut 200 has a compact footprint and is extremely simple to clean and maintain.”

Ben Sharp, Sharp and Tappin’stechnical director, adds: “We are extremely proud that our latest machines are now proving themselves at the highest levels of engineering. We had been in discussions with Renault Sport Racing since the Advanced Engineering show in 2017, where they viewed one of our pre-production Compcut 200s. Their initial comments and feedback helped us to hone the final production model, and our flexibility, commitment to product performance, and support, gave them the confidence to purchase the machine.
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Dyfed Steels invests in latest Noritake saw

Dyfed Steels has recently invested in its second Noritake saw. The NCS-7/80 is the latest high-speed circular sawing machine from Noritake, which is represented in the UK by Sawcraft. Boasting the ability to increase cutting capacity by more than three times that of conventional models on the market, the NCS-7/80offers an average speed for cutting S45Csteel bar (45mm diameter)of 1.8 seconds.

Other key features of this model are an increase in the feed stroke length from 600to 750mm, improving the overall speed of feeding longer length material. The overall size of the machine has also been reduced when compared with similar models, making it one of the most space efficient saws on the market, says the company.

Sawcraft, which also promotes FMB and Cosen bandsaws in the UK, recently exhibited at the Saw Expo 2018 show in Augsbury, Germany. The show is the first of its kind solely dedicated to the sawing industry, and built on success earlier this year at MACH 2018, a show that Sawcraft says brought in record sales. All of the models on display at MACH were sold off the stand.
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Latest MACC bandsaw installation

Anton Saws has announced the latest MACC bandsaw installation. Built in Italy, MACC bandsaws can be acquired in the UK via Anton Saws, which reports the sale of a MACC Special 700 bandsaw featuring auto-carriage feed and large bundle-cutting capacity.

The MACC Special 700 is described by Anton Saws as a highly efficient semi-automatic belt saw with excellent cutting accuracy that can be used to cut medium/large bars and sections. Featuring a sturdy structure and an arc sliding vertically on two columns, the machine offers the required stiffness and cutting unit accuracy for many industrial sawing applications.

Among the many notable features of the machine are 4 kW motor power and a 1.5 kW control unit motor. The flywheel measures 520 mm in diameter, while the machine accommodates blades measuring 5540 x 41 x 1.3 mm (length x width x thickness) to produce a 1.5 mm cutting thickness. Cutting speeds are in the range of 20-90 m/min.

The piston stroke for the lifting bow is 600 mm, while the locking vice offers a maximum opening range up to 710 mm (302 mm jaw height, 690 mm jaw length). Integral to the machine is a 50-litre coolant tank. The saw is compact in size, measuring 1500 x 3500 x 2400 mm (width x length x height).

Optional extras include a chip conveyor, micro lubrication oil and vertical pressing.
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Blade offers longer cutting life

The latest Bahco 3858 Sandflex P9000 PQ bandsaw blade is manufactured using highly alloyed power metallurgic HSS. As a result, the blade offers improved hardness and toughness, which in turn not only produces high tooth edge performance, but improved wear resistance and longer blade life. The blade can be acquired in the UK from ADS Precision.

ADS Precision says that the new blade offers all the benefits of the traditional Bahco PQ range, providing a very precise blade due to the consistent, accurate tooth height; consequently every tooth will give the same chipload when cutting. This outcome translates into even tooth wear (better tool life) and limits the risk off overloading a tooth (less risk of tooth breakage). In addition, sharp 17° rake-angled teeth lower the cutting forces, giving more efficient ‘cool’ cutting.

The PQ tooth geometry is characterised by repeating groups of high and low set teeth separated by an unset tooth. This design means that high teeth will penetrate the material, removing the work hardened area, and low teeth will give the support to the high teeth, helping to prevent overloading and breakage.Also as per the existing PQ, the teeth have double set, which will increase the number of chips on the cut, providing a lower chipload for improved performance.

Powder metallurgy HSS is an important alternative to conventional HSS steels, since it offers improved properties in hardness and toughness. Moreover, powder metallurgy HSS has the ability to use alloying, which is not possible in conventionally melted HSS.
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