Reseller agreements

Dreambird says that three new Hexagon Production Software resellers were acquired to represent the solutions in Russia and Central Asia. During the current quarter of 2019, reseller agreements were signed with Finval, Glanol and Alcor.

Dreambird is constantly working towards expanding its reseller network, looking to increase Hexagon Production Software’s presence in CIS markets and inform users about the benefits and possibilities of the products for manufacturing.
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Customised linear guides

Machine builders everywhere can now access a handy online tool from NSK to create customised linear guides in a fast and easy-to-use format.

The NSK linear guide design tool, named ‘Click!Speedy’ is capable of producing bespoke items based on specifications such as type, size, length, seals, lubricant and lubrication unit. In each case, the part number, data sheet, PDF drawing and CAD data of the customised linear guide are provided by download link or e-mail. Click!Speedy facilitates the custom design of all the company´s random-matching linear guide series (normal and precision grade NH/NS/LW/RA/PU/PE).
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CAM integrates turbomachinery design solution

A co-operative agreement has been struck between Open Mind and CFturbo that intends to provide a complete design-to-manufacture workflow process for turbomachines such as pumps, compressors, turbines, fans and blowers.

CFturbo’s software platform for interactive design enables the end user to start from scratch or redesign existing geometries like impellers, stators or volutes. Now, the collaboration with Open Mind will enable turbomachinery designers to take their design concept beyond the 3D model and through to complete CAM model for production.
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FEI returns

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) says that Future Engineering Ireland (FEI) will once again be part of the National Supply Chain and Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition in Dublin in January 2020.

Following the success of the event in January of this year, the organiser has extended the exhibition to cover two days. The 2020 edition of FEI will take place on 29-30 January at CityWest, Dublin. FEI 2020 will provide a great opportunity for manufacturing technology providers to show off their latest innovations to potential customers closer to their businesses than ever before. This year’s show attracted over 6,100 delegates.
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NSK names Certified AIP Partner

NSK has named its latest Certified AIP Partner, Coroll s.r.o., which becomes the first authorised distributor in the Czech Republic to receive the accolade.

Only those distribution partners able to successfully complete a 10-stage plan can become Certified AIP Partners, a process that includes intensive training and in-field assessments.
For Coroll, the programme involved a number of key stages, including: situation analysis (evaluating and understanding the customer problem); designing solutions (including costings, return on investment analysis and other related information); implementation of the solution; calculating the actual savings; and extending the solution to other operations. Based in Hronov, Coroll becomes the fifth Certified AIP Partner in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region, and will be subject to an ongoing annual review.
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