Profile mill range expanded

The DoTwistBall profile-milling line has been expanded by Tungaloy to include further insert radii.

In addition to the 04 (R4.0) style insert, the company has added the 05 (R5.0) and 06 (R6.0) style inserts to the standard range. Tungaloy’s expanded DoTwistBall line incorporates a novel design that allows two different types of inserts to fit the same shank, each dedicated to profiling and high-feed applications.
DoTwistBall inserts are constructed in a helically twisted structure that fits the seat pocket, which is constructed in a matching helical profile. This twist-clamp system helps maximise insert retention, making DoTwistBall suitable for stable machining in demanding 3D profiling and high-feed machining tasks.
MJ radius insert geometry is cited as popular among manufacturers profiling mould and die parts. This insert features a large cross-section that has been designed to absorb cutting forces, providing higher reliability and performance over conventional round inserts, says the company. The cutting edge integrates a large inclination angle to promote smooth chip evacuation.
Tungaloy says high-feed HJ geometry inserts promote efficient machining through 30% greater cutting depth and feed rates over conventional high-feed inserts. The maximum depth of cut for the existing 04 insert is 1.3 mm, while the newly released 06 insert is suitable for cutting at a depth of 2 mm per pass in operations that include shouldering, facing, slotting, pocketing and helical interpolation.
Two standard grades are available: the AH3135 for steel and stainless steel; and the AH120 for cast iron. The cutter body line-up is available in shank, modular and bore types for all three insert sizes, with various choices of tool reach.
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First indexable drill for 7xD hole depth

The CoroDrill DS20 from cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is said to be the first indexable drill concept capable of producing hole depths up to 7xD.

Replacing the existing CoroDrill 880 and CoroDrill 881 tools, 4-5xD CoroDrill DS20 indexable drills provide tool life improvements of up to 25% and productivity gains up to 10%, depending on workpiece material, reports Sandvik Coromant. However, the 6-7xD variants represent an entirely new capability range of indexable drills. To complement the introduction, the company is releasing a new Modular Drilling Interface (MDI) that acts as a coupling between the drill and adaptor. Available in Coromant Capto and HSK shank types, the MDI provides high precision, good centring capabilities and reduced tool inventory.
“Among the most important factors when drilling to depths of more than 5xD is controlled cutting forces, secure chip evacuation and high centring capabilities,” explains Håkan Carlberg, senior R&D engineer – indexable drilling at Sandvik Coromant. “Going from a 5xD to a 7xD drill, the theoretical difficulty increases approximately three-fold due to an increased inclination to bend. Designing a CoroDrill DS20 7xD drill requires careful consideration for around 50 parameters that all depend on each other. The outcome is improved process security through lower forces and lighter cutting, particularly at entry. In turn, users achieve lower cost per hole, the ability to drill deeper and reduced sound levels.”
The drill body is strong and fatigue-resistant with higher levels of stiffness than ever achieved before, while chip flute shapes are individually designed for each drill size and insert. This combination of factors leads to less vibration, predictable wear patterns and increased tool life.
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Nice send-off for Bystronic UK MD

David Larcombe, who recently retired after 40 years’ service at Bystronic UK, latterly as managing director, was invited with his wife Alison to say goodbye to his colleagues at the Swiss company’s headquarters in Niederönz. After the event, the couple were treated to a weekend in the Swiss Alps beside Lake Lugano.

“I feel extremely privileged to have had the career that I’ve enjoyed within the engineering industry,” says Larcombe. “I have a number of very special memories, especially the many years working for Bystronic. It has been a wonderful company to serve, as I always felt I was a friend rather than an employee. I’ve made many great friendships, both within Bystronic worldwide and the UK sheet metalworking industry. I wish everyone the very best for the future.”
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Investment in rollers

After completing a comprehensive programme of investments in new technology and machinery, as well as process and layout improvements, Pronexos is now able to offer significantly increased capacity and capabilities for the manufacture of large carbon-fibre rollers.

Pronexos is now able to offer significantly increased capacity and capabilities for the manufacture of large carbon fibre rollers

“We’re already supplying CFRP rollers up to 6 m in length,” explains Philipp Kroschner, sales engineer. “There are many potential applications for rollers of this size, including plastic film applications and the non-woven textile industry. There are very few manufacturers worldwide capable of producing CFRP rollers of such length.”
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DMG Mori acquires stake in up2parts

By taking a strategic stake in the Bavarian software company up2parts, which specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), DMG Mori plans to acquire important know-how in the field of digitised manufacturing processes.

up2parts’ AI-based geometric workpiece analysis makes it easy and quick to generate work plans and price calculations for individual components. AI is at
the core of the solution, analysing the geometry of each component within seconds on the basis of machine-learning algorithms and human know-how. The result is a concrete work plan and the accurate cost of manufacturing the component.
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