Jaw changing is child’s play

Visitors to the Röhm stand at the recent AMB 2018 exhibition in Stuttgart experienced how the company can reduce set-up time to less than 60 seconds. To demonstrate, there was a set-up time challenge in which visitors could prove themselves and win prizes by changing the jaws on Röhm’s new Duro-A RC. Here, nine year-old Alexandra showed how it was done.

“We are absolutely thrilled and satisfied by this year’s AMB,” says CEO Gerhard Glanz. “Not only the set-up time challenge, but the response to our new products. The Duro-A RC power chuck and Lubritool lubrication device proved a total success.

“We were quite astounded when a record was set for the set-up time challenge on the fourth day of the fair,” he adds. “The three jaws of the Duro-A RC power chuck were changed in an unbelievable 10.27 seconds. On the last day of the fair, we were also surprised by nine year-old Alexandra, who managed to change the jaws in 53.96 seconds, thereby showing that it really is child’s play.”

The Duro-A RC power chuck prevails not only due to the fast jaw change, but due to its overall height, which has been reduced by 14% compared with the previous generation chuck, while weight has been reduced by 17%.

Elsewhere on the stand was the Lubritool lubrication device, which enables the automated lubrication of tool clamping systems within 5 seconds, instead of 5 minutes. Based on this time saving, Lubritool can pay for itself in less than six months.
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