KMF reaps benefit of panel bender upgrade

KMF has purchased a new P4lean-2516 Salvagnini panel bender (P4L) that uses 60% less electricity, saving the company an estimated £8000 a year.

Several upgrades are featured, including CLA-SIM auxiliary blade command, MAC 2.0 to calculate suitable bending trajectories and a patented bending formula which will automatically adjust a bend to any mechanical or thermal deformation. The machine complements an existing P4-2516 panel bender from Salvagnini that has provided more than 78,000 hours of working time for KMF to date.
The P4-2516 required 600 litres of oil, but new P4L machines use electronic actuators with only 13 litres of oil in total. All current P4L machines use touch-screen controls running on a Windows 10 platform. Moreover, the panel bending system is Industry 4.0-embedded, including the service support option of 24-hour machine monitoring to ensure all systems are working within tolerance.
“To provide an idea of efficiency and productivity levels on our panel bender, it is currently around 80%,” explains Pete Krynicki, programming and folding technician at KMF.
The Salvagnini machine can manufacture metal panels up to a maximum of 2500 mm long and form bends up to 165 mm high. A favoured feature is the panel bender’s interactive graphics programming, which will significantly decrease the task of KMF programmers with its intuitive programming and 3D simulation of different bending phases. The new panel bender also offers automatic tool changing and the ability to switch from one operation to another in a few seconds.
“As a metal fabrication subcontractor, being able to complete small and large batches without manual tool changes will significantly improve our speed of processing and flexibility,” adds Krynicki. “We also appreciate the personalised service, training and support on the panel benders that we get from Salvagnini – it is a real partnership.”
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