Latest precision lathe generation

The sixth generation of precision turning centres from Spinner – the MicroTurn series – was displayed for the first time at the AMB 2018 show in Stuttgart recently.

Available in the UK through sole agent Whitehouse Machine Tools, the MicroTurn is built in two sizes and is capable of producing components to within 5 µm dimensional tolerance in series production.
To enable this degree of precision, including when hard-turning and micro-finishing components, what Spinner describes as ‘disruptive influences’ from turrets, Y axes and unnecessary heat sources, have been minimised.
The concept is based on the company’s previous precision lathes, which employ a two-axis spindle head on a compound slide, in this case moving 600 mm in X and 350 mm in Z, with balanced thermal characteristics for fine positioning. On the MicroTurn, the spindle operates in conjunction with a static, linear tool carrier integrated into the vertical machine bed (L-Version).
Recognising that companies producing smaller batches of parts need greater flexibility and fast set-up times, Spinner has provided a number of options. One is a BMT45 turret with a ±50 mm Y axis and 12 stations (optionally driven at 8000 rpm), which can be added at the bottom of the working area (LT-Version).
For extra versatility, the BMT45 turret can be joined at the top of the working area by a 15 kW/12,000 rpm pivoting B-axis milling spindle with ±50 mm of Y-axis movement and an HSK40 interface (LBT-Version). The spindle can be served with cutters exchanged from a 33- or 72-station tool magazine. There is also an LTBS-Version with an opposing counter-spindle, identical to the main spindle, for simultaneous parallel machining or synchronous workpiece transfer.
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