Zenith closes loop on boring adjustments

The development of Zenith by Rigibore has eliminated any manual intervention or machine downtime to achieve micron-level automatic adjustments on fine boring tools.

Industry 4.0 compliant Zenith is a closed-loop system providing a practical solution that works with in-process gauging and the machine tool’s control system.
Making minute adjustments to fine boring tools has, in the past, required the tool to be removed from the machine and adjusted manually in a pre-setter, a process which interrupts production, is time consuming and demands a skilled person to be involved. Having developed its ActiveEdge wirelessly adjustable boring bars, the next step for Rigibore was to “close the loop” on this semi-automatic system, and make it fully autonomous. The result is Zenith, which can automatically compensate for insert wear, temperature drift and material inconsistency without the necessity of removing the tool to a presetting station.
Zenith makes use of Rigibore’s ActiveEdge boring tools, which feature boring cartridges that can be wirelessly adjusted. This wireless capability is powered by batteries in the tool’s ‘yoke’, which means that the system can make adjustments to the boring tools wherever they are in the machine, either in the spindle or the tool carousel.
So confident is Rigibore that Zenith will deliver on its promises that, subject to carrying out a survey and analysis of current manufacturing requirements, Rigibore will install and make all necessary changes to the machine’s control free of charge. Customers can then take one of two options to pay for the system, either in full after one-month’s trial period or, over six-monthly instalments.
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